Disaster Recovery

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Approach Network Solutions offers flexible and affordable backup and
disaster recovery options, including on site and cloud based storage.
A data recovery plan will help prevent data loss, hacking, and downtime.

What Is Disaster Recovery

The impact of data loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware could be significant (and disastrous) for any sized business. Disaster Recovery allows an organization to enact a plan designed to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions. A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is a very smart choice for business owners.

Why do I need Disaster Recovery?

Servers process information and store large amounts of data. Desktop computers, laptops and wireless devices are used by employees to create, process, manage and communicate information. What do you when your business network stops working?

Why do I need Data Backup

Businesses generate large amounts of data and data files are changing throughout the workday. Data can be lost, corrupted, compromised, or stolen through hardware failure, human error, hacking and malware. Loss or corruption of data could result in significant business disruption.

What can Approach Network Solutions do for me?

Recovery strategies should be developed for computer systems, applications and data. This includes networks, servers, desktops, laptops, wireless devices, data, and connectivity. We specialize in identifying the key aspects of your businesses computer and network infrastructure and are knowledgeable technicians know what it takes to bring your back on line in a fast and effective manor to minimize downtime for you and your company.


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